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Classes Start Sept 5th 2017


8:30-9:00 AM  Toddler A

5:00-5:45  Intermediate Tap

5:45-6:30  Intermediate Jazz

6:30–7:15  Intermediate Ballet

7:15-8:00  Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop



*Studio A

4:30-5:00  Toddler B

5:00-5:45  Beginning Tap

5:45-6:30  Beginning Jazz

6:30-7:15  Beginning Ballet

*Studio B

5:45-6:45  Competition Mini Jazz

6:45-7:45  Competition Mini Ballet

7:45-8:30  Advanced Hip Hop



*Studio A

5:00-5:45  Advanced Tap

5:45-6:45  Advanced Jazz

6:45-7:45  Advanced Ballet

7:45-8:30  Advanced Pointe

*Studio B

5:00-5:45  Intermediate Pointe



*Studio A

4:30-5:00  Toddler C

5:00-5:45  Pre Tap

5:45-6:30  Pre Jazz

6:30-7:15  Pre Ballet

*Studio B

6:30-7:30  Teen/Adult Yoga



8:00-9:00 AM  Teen/Adult Yoga

9:00-12:00  Competition Team

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